CDP are officially launching in Australian Capital Territory, and we’re hoping you will help us and join in this new vision for Christian Godly government in our nation’s capital.

You may have seen us on WIN News at our recent rallies. In NSW, the CDP has successfully stopped the “Safe Schools” Program (which was a program that taught young children things we believed were inappropriate for young ages). By contrast in States and Territories like Victoria this program has been made mandatory, and is in place in the S.A. schools and is being rolled out around Australia where the CDP is not in government – thus we need the CDP in each state and territory.

The CDP has also prevented the outright sale of public assets like Poles and Wires of NSW electricity grid, and the NSW Land Titles Office – in both cases the CDP was able to use our Balance of Power in the Upper House to make these two asset sales converted to leases, meaning after a period of time we get the assets back in the hands of the people.

This is a time of generational change and a new season in government in Australia with minor parties gaining new influence. The political landscape is going to be divided between the traditional major parties of Liberal and Labor, and so called minor parties such as; One Nation, Australian Conservatives, Shooters and Fishers, among others, with the CDP positioned well in that new wave of voter support – minor parties are now drawing 25% of the primary vote.

We have some coordinators in ACT who will be gathering people together to build the CDP, and may contact you in the near future.

The good news is we have special membership pricing of just $15 when you sign up today.


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