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A voice for Family, A Voice for Values, The Only True Conservative Alternative

What is the CDP?

The CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY (CDP) is Australia’s only registered national Christian political party. Although it is registered as a political party, it operates on non-party political lines. The CDP was founded by a group of caring Australian ministers with high ethical values based on the Christian values and ethics. The aim of its members is to promote the common good by endorsing responsible, long-term goals, and not short-term gain.

Our Structure

The Organisational and Parliamentary wings of the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) each have clearly defined and separate roles. In the CDP, the Organisational wing does not dictate policy but rather consults with and advises the Parliamentary wing policy issues.

The Organisational Wing

The Organisational wing is based on the Party’s paid membership of supporters with members across Australia. The NSW Head Office is responsible for:

  • The CDP’s Party Platform – the broad statement of Christian fundamental beliefs
  • Pre-selection of the Party’s candidates for elections
  • Management and conduct of election campaigns
  • Fundraising

The Parliamentary Wing

The Parliamentary Wing is made up of Federal and State Parliamentarians. Currently in the NSW Upper House we have Rev. Hon. Fred Nile MLC who is due to retire on November 1, 2021. It is responsible for:

  • Representation of electorates held by CDP Members of Parliament
  • CDP policies, strategies and parliamentary priorities guided by the principles contained in the Constitution and CDP Charter

The NSW State & Federal Secretariat (Head Office)

The NSW and national headquarters of the CDP is located in Willoughby North and provides professional support for both the Federal and State Organisations and the Parliamentary Party. The NSW State & Federal Director is responsible for the overall co-ordination of the Secretariat’s activities and liaison with parliamentarians, members, and supporters. The Secretariat is the centre for administration, research and campaign planning. It offers assistance in State and Federal elections and is able to provide specialist support in such areas as policy development, research and strategic planning. Annie Wright is the current NSW State Director.

Rev Hon. Fred Nile MLC ED LTh MLC

Rev Hon. Fred Nile MLC ED LTh MLC

Rev Hon. Fred Nile MLC ED LTh MLC

The Rev Hon. Fred Nile is the Federal President of the Christian Democratic Party and has led the party from its beginning, he is also the longest serving member of the New South Wales parliament. First elected to the NSW Legislative Council 1981 as a member of the Call to Australia, which has become the current Christian Democratic Party in 1999. Nile has served in succession terms since. Fred Nile was a Major in the Australia Army Reserve during the Vietnam conflict. Prior to being elected into the NSW Parliament, Nile served as a Congregational Minister. He has also been involved in other pro-family groups and has a long history of campaigning for family and faith. Married to Silvana, Nile is a proud father of four. Nile is also the current president of the Fellowship of Congregational Churches.

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