2015 NSW Election Policy Snapshot


Voting 1 Christian Democratic Party (CDP) will help us Protect our Aussie Rights, Laws and Values.

Australians can’t risk losing their Christian values and rights.

The Christian Democratic Party is committed to protecting and enhancing our Aussie way of life.

Our Policies:

Defend our Australian Rights, Laws and Values



Support a Select Parliamentary Inquiry on leasing poles and wires, energy cost benefits to the community and job protection.

Support one Australian Law code for ALL Australians

  • No Islamic Sharia Law
  • No Islamic halal food tax

Oppose same sex marriage

Increase prison sentencing for child abuse and support Brave hearts

Tighten laws for drug dealing and for criminal/terrorist activity

Protect our farmers and Agriculture land from Coal Seam Gas mining

Making our streets safe from violence

Support our Christian way of life including scripture classes and Chaplains in our Public Schools.

Protect worker’s rights to Christian Public Holidays including Christmas and Easter

Supporting small business keeping Aussie industry and jobs in Australia.

For 34 years the Christian Democratic Party has been committed to defending Aussie Family Values, Laws and Rights.

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