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NSW State Election 23rd March
Early voting 11 – 22nd March

NSW State Election March 2019

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We exist to glorify God in government. We stand for God, Familes, Justice & Decency.
Founded and based on Judeo-Christian values and ethics, the aim of CDP members is to promote and advance a Christian Commonwealth to improve the common good by endorsing responsible, long-term goals, not short-term gain.
We are an advocacy group for Familes, Churches and Community. And we’d love you to join us

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Wagga Wagga By-Election 2018

Follow the results here on the ABC news site, or directly from the NSW Electoral Commission site Long-time CDP member, local Project Manager, and community service volunteer Tom Arentz is our CDP candidate to contest the Wagga Wagga (state) by-election. Tom is not new...

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Ryan T Anderson- When Harry Became Sally

An amazing talk by Ryan T. Anderson on the transgender issue that has been plaguing our society. He has written a brilliant and comprehensive book on the issue "When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment" Here's a link to one of his talks. It is a...

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MEDIA RELEASE – Billy Graham: 1918 – 2018

MEDIA RELEASE BILLY GRAHAM: 1918 - 2018 For immediate circulation On 21 February 2018, Rev Billy Graham passed away after a life of Christian evangelism and advocacy. His work touched the lives and provided inspiration to countless people across the world, both in the...

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MEDIA RELEASE: Nuclear Energy

Yesterday, Rev. Nile delivered an adjournment speech to the Upper House about the use of nuclear energy. This related partly to the recent debate concerning the proposed construction of a nuclear power plant in New South Wales. Rev. The Hon. Nile makes the following...

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MEDIA RELEASE: Aboriginal Languages Bill 2017

On 11 October 2017, the NSW Upper House passed the Aboriginal Languages Bill 2017. The Bill seeks to create a legislative framework around which local Aboriginal communities will be able to revive and reinvigorate their languages and linguistic traditions. Rev Nile...

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The Rev Hon. Fred Nile MLC
CDP Federal President

News and Media

To view all media releases and articles, visit our News and Media page.

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