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Welcome to CDP New South Wales!


paulgreenhead  The Hon Paul Green MLC . . .

Paul Green was elected to the NSW Upper House in March 2011.
Paul had served as a Councillor on the Shoalhaven City Council    (based in Nowra) from March 2004 and was elected Mayor in   2008. As Mayor, Paul worked hard to reduce the impact of vandalism, anti social behaviour and crime. He has a proven track record of delivering for his community. After being elected as a Member of the Legislative Council (MLC), Paul resigned from the Mayoral position September 2012.
"Paul has lived in NSW all his life, and with his wife and their six children, he is committed to delivering for families, pensioners, emergency services and various community groups", said Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC.

Paul Green's Pledge - made prior to NSW Election 26th March 2011:
"I will be working to make NSW the best State in Australia.”
“I am standing because I care about our communities, families and our Christian values".