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Islam is a religion that has a particular view of how society should be organised, including a unified system of religious and civil law – sharia law.

  • Some elements of Islam, both internationally and domestically, support the use of terror and violence to impose Islam and sharia law on non-Islamic societies like Australia.
  • Other elements, while not advocating the use of violence, nonetheless are intent on transforming Australia into an Islamic country by gradualist processes, such as mass immigration, demands for (initially) limited introduction of sharia law and support for religious vilification legislation to prevent free speech critical of Islam.
  • Others seek to establish and maintain Islamic communities within Australia that do not integrate into the mainstream.

In view of the above, CDP believes that Islam then poses a considerable challenge to the maintenance of Australia as a free society with a Christian heritage.

CDP considers it is appropriate to meet this challenge by calling for a moratorium on Islamic immigration into Australia while monitoring the willingness of the existing Islamic community to abandon support for terrorism, sharia law and separate communities.

CDP proposes a 10 year moratorium on Islamic immigration as starting point for a serious national discussion on this issue.