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Fred Nile Condemns New Violent Video Classification R18+

Friday, 12th August 2011

The Rev Fred Nile MLC, Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, has expressed his opposition to the Coalition's change of policy in support of the so-called adult classification for extremely violent computer games to be named R18+.

"The parents of Australian children are being fooled by this new classification which is the result of an expensive campaign by the video industry to increase their sales and profits, which should be rejected.

"The new classification R18+ is supposed to protect children, but how do you prevent children viewing R18+ computer games? It is impossible to police!"

"The powerful and dangerous impact of these violent games has been proven by the Norwegian mass murderer who boasted he was an avid viewer of such computer games which showed him how to commit a mass murder attack.

"I will arrange a special screening at the NSW Parliament House of R18+ violent adult computer games for MPs, to prove how dangerous they are, not only for children and teenagers but also for their powerful impact on adults.

"Have such violent computer games helped to produce the exceptionally violent mob attacks on buildings, cars, police and especially jewellers and supermarkets which have been robbed of their stock?" asked Rev Fred Nile MP.